Safe Drinking for All

Highly dynamic and environment-friendly

Protecting Public Health

Part of the core of our existence, is to ensure quality and standards

Developing partnerships

We pride ourselves in developing partnerships and collaboration with companies, associations and organisations

Fair pricing of our Products

We seek to always ensure our product’s prices are regulated and priced fairly

Professional Support For Business

We provide support for businesses that operate in our line of service.

Meet the Executives

Ativie Clementia

National President

Bello Garba

National Vice President

Abdulhakim Mudathir

National Welfare Officer


We are a highly dynamic and environment-friendly organization of water producers committed to providing safe drinking water for all Nigerians.

How we Operate

Once a new water appears in the market, we will know because our product and our sales people are in all localities in Nigeria. Information is given to the zub zonal chairman of that ward who will in turn approach the producer with the address on bottles or satchet. Introduce the association to him or her and inviting him to the next meeting. At the meeting, the new producer will be given ATWAP forms to fill pay some dues and become a member